The Hydroponic Blueprint

The Ultimate Hydroponic Getting Started Guide

The Hydroponic Blueprint is a digital product available online. Nothing is mailed to you.

Are you tired of the incorrect, disorganized, and generally untrustworthy how-to information about hydroponics available online? We’ve developed the Hydroponic Blueprint program to be a complete, straight forward learning solution to teach you the A to Zs of hydroponics. Created by an expert hydroponic grower with over 30 years of experience, Tom Blount is actively involved in some of the largest hydroponics projects in the US including working directly with manufacturers to build the next generation of hydroponics equipment.

  • 4 Hours of Instructional Videos
  • 6 Guides & Checklists
  • BONUS: Hydroponic Grower’s Weekly Checklist, Mandatory Tool-Kit, & Glossary

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  • Simple Blueprint to Growing

    From start to finish, this simple 1-2-3 blueprint shows you how to grow hydroponically

  • Your Hydroponics Setup

    Get step-by-step DIY instructions on how to build your initial hydroponics system inexpensively

  • Hydroponics Systems Overview

    Learn what systems really work to improve yields and reduce failed crops vs. what is a waste of your money

  • Improve Yields Quickly

    Learn how to improve yields with proper hydroponic management

  • Accelerated Nutrient Solutions

    Develop a nutrient solution for your crops to maximize yields & improve plant strength while effectively managing your pH levels

  • The Right Seeds for Planting

    Learn where to get seeds with different varieties, how to start seeding, and how to manage your seedlings

  • Hydroponic Grower’s Mindset

    Develop the mindset needed for lasting success and to avoid common & recurring mistakes

  • Continuous Crop Production

    Learn how to set up and maintain a harvesting cycle for continuous production to meet your needs

  • Weekly Success Plan

    The weekly checklist to keep your crops in top condition without any guess work

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