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This guide gives you an overview of how to move your orchids from their existing container into the hydroponics system you have built for it.

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Reasons to Transplant Your Orchid

1. The plant has grown too large for its pot.

  • This is not the case if the roots are growing over the edge of the pot – that’s actually normal and beneficial to your orchid.
  • This is the case if the actual plant itself, not the roots) has grown over the edges of the pot

Above is an example of an orchid with crazy roots that does not need a bigger pot yet.

This one is an orchid that is still happy, but could use a bigger pot because the plant body has overgrown it.

2. Your growing medium has broken down and needs to be replaced.

  • If the medium is broken down too much, it won’t allow air to circulate around the roots.
  • Another problem this causes is that water won’t drain out properly and the medium will remain wet. This can lead to root rot, which leads to an orchid funeral.

3. You want to move your orchid over to a hydroponic system because you’ve realized that it’s a superior way to grow them to their fullest potential.

  • Better control over nutrients or “feeding.”
  • Keeps spider mites away.
  • No root rot.
  • Easy watering – either keep the water flowing, or turn it off for a bit to let the plant dry out.

How to transplant your orchid to your hydroponic system

  • If it is already in a net pot (or multi-slotted pot) there is no need to transplant – just put the net pot into the hydroponics system and you’re done!
  • If the orchid is in a regular pot, you will need to move it into a net pot.

     o Get a net pot that’s the same size as the current pot, or ½ size larger, no more.

     o Put some extra potting material (hydroton or lava rock) in the net pot to make up the difference if you are moving up in pot size, but also because you are likely to lose some material during the transfer.

     o Gently take the plant out of its current pot.

     o Over a newspaper covered surface, hold the plant at the base with one hand, and turn the pot upside down with the other.

     o Gently jiggle the root ball loose from the pot.

     o If some of the roots are attached to the pot, set the pot down on its side, and use a sterilized (with a flame, or alcohol wipe) butter knife to gently pry them loose.

     o Use this opportunity to remove any roots that are rotten or dead – they will either be dry and withered, or soggy and mushy.

  • Place the plant into the new net pot.
  • Water immediately with Super Thrive (3 drops per gallon of water) to offset shock.
  • Now you are ready to put the net pot into the hydroponics system.

  • When moving an orchid (especially a tall one) from a pot into a black net pot in a hydroponics system, you may want to use bamboo stakes to stabilize it while the roots take hold.

     o One way to do this is using three stakes. Tie one ribbon around all three stakes, making a halo that will hold the plant. You can do this near the top of the plant, and lower down in as many locations as you think it needs to be stable.

Transplant Tips

  • Never transplant during a bloom.
  • The best time to transplant is after the bloom has faded.
  • Be sure that you sterilize any tools you use either with a lighter, or with rubbing alcohol.

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Tools You Will Need http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/tools-you-will-need/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/tools-you-will-need/#comments Fri, 25 May 2012 03:11:19 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=950 Here’s what you’ll need:

Tools You’ll Need to Build Your System:

  • Ratcheting PVC Cutter or Hand Saw


  • Drill or Electric Screw Driver


  • Hole Saw


  • Scissors


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Assembling Your Hydroponic Orchid System http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid3/assembling-your-hydroponic-orchid-system/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid3/assembling-your-hydroponic-orchid-system/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 13:07:23 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=898 Read more.. ]]> This video show how to Assemble Your Hydroponic Orchid System.

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Prepping for Pieces http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/prepping-for-pieces/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/prepping-for-pieces/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 13:04:47 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=896 Read more.. ]]> Prepping for pieces video.

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Parts You’ll Use to Build the System:

1 x 5-Gallon Bucket and Lid


1 x 330 Gallon per Hour Submersible Pump


1 x 3-inch Section of Funny Pipe


1 x 1/2-inch Riser


1 x 3/4-inch to 1/2-inch Fitting


1 x 3/4-inch Funny Pipe Adapter


8 x 2-inch Lengths of ¼-inch Tubing


1 x 4-Way Drip Head


4 x ¼-inch Tubing Barbed Elbows


4 x 1/4-inch Fogger Mister Spray Nozzles


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Shopping for Parts http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/shopping-for-parts/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid2/shopping-for-parts/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 12:59:31 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=893 Read more.. ]]> Shopping for parts video.

Download Video: Closed Format: MP4

PDF Document

Download PDF version of this page

Download all these shopping items as a PDF document to print or for offline reference.

Parts You’ll Use to Build the System:

At the bottom of this page is a link to a PDF you may print out and take to your local Home Depot or other hardware store when shopping for parts.

Or – you may simply click the images to order the items online – either for pickup from your local store – or delivery to your door if you prefer:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here is the Shopping List

    • 1 x 5-Gallon Bucket and Lid


    • 1 x 330 Gallon per Hour Submersible Pump


    • 1 x 24-inch Section of Funny Pipe


    • 1 x 1/2-inch Riser


    • 1 x 3/4-inch to 1/2-inch Fitting (hose to pipe)


    • 1 x 3/4-inch Funny Pipe Adapter


    • 1 x 50’ Roll of ¼-inch Microtube


    • 1 x 4-Way Drip Head


    • 1 x Pack of ¼-inch Tubing Barbed Elbows


    • 1 x Pack of 1/4-inch Fogger Mister Spray Nozzles


    • 1 x Outlet Timer


Non-Home Depot Shopping List:

You can find these at a local gardening store – but your best bet is to either Google “hydroponic supplies” with your city name or zip code.

Any hydroponic supply shop will have net pots in various sizes – select one based on the size of your orchid’s root ball.

Or you can simply order one through this link and it will be delivered to your door shortly:

    • Net Pot


    • Hydroton Rock


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Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Cheat Sheet http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-cheat-sheet/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-cheat-sheet/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 12:53:06 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=888 Read more.. ]]> Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will serve as a handy reference and reminder of what to do and not do to grow orchids hydroponically.

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The Basics of Growing Orchids Hydroponically

Growth Stages

  • Growth - The leaves, roots, and stem are growing
  • Flowering - Flowers bloom
  • Resting - No growth occurs, the roots are not shiny and light green, leaves may fall off


  • Use lighting with more of a red spectrum to mimic the sun’s rays
    • 12-14 hours per day for growth
    • 10-12 hours per day for flowering
  • They flower in less sunlight because in nature they do not bloom in the middle of the summer. It is too hot, so they bloom in the spring, late summer, or early fall.


  • The purity of the water you use is of the utmost importance
  •      o   Orchids will accept everything in the water, so any impurities will go into the plant

           o   Elements found in our drinking water, like fluoride and chlorine, will decrease the performance of your orchids.
           o   A good filtration system for your house is one option for providing clean water to your plants.
           o   Another option is to boil the water you will use, and let it sit out overnight.

         o   The best option is to purchase distilled water – it is available at grocery stores.

  • The pH of the water should be between 5 and 6. Distilled water’s pH is 5.5.
  • You don’t ever have to change the water
    •      o   There is so little water in the system that it all evaporates periodically

    • You will need to add water periodically because of the evaporation.

         o   With a fogger system you will need to add about a quart of water per day.
         o   With a pump system just add water as needed to keep it at the optimum level.


  • When growing hydroponically, you must add nutrients to the water to make sure your plants are getting what they need.
  • Use a Potassium based mix with Calciums and Irons to promote root and leaf growth.
  • Use a Phosphorus based mix with potassium, copper, zinc, iron, and calcium for flowering.
  • Fulvic Acid makes a big difference, but is not typically found in orchid mixes.
  • Sometimes you can find pre-mixed nutrient packets that are labeled as being for flowering, or growth, or for certain kinds of orchids.

Benefits of growing hydroponically

  • Hydroponics means to grow without soil – this mimics the way that orchids grow in nature, so they perform very well to hydroponics.
  • You can address your plant’s needs on a constant basis in terms of water, light, and nutrients
  • You can control how much of what nutrient your plant is getting in order to…
    •      o   help it flower
           o   help it flower longer
           o   help promote root or leaf growth when needed
  • The high humidity keeps spider mites away from the roots
  • When using a fogger system, the fogger effectively gets rid of impurities in the water before getting to the orchids
  • It is customizable for different types of orchids
    •      o   You can leave the water flowing all the time for wet-loving orchids, or turn it off for short periods (you can even use a timer) for the ones that like it a little dryer.
  • They can be built for one or two plants, or for 100 plants.
  • Small systems are easily portable
    •      o   To move a pump system just empty the water first.
           o   It is not necessary to empty the water from a fog system.

Different types of hydroponics systems

  • Submersible pump system
    •      o   Good for orchids
           o   Pumps water through tubing, water sprays through holes drilled in tubing onto roots
           o   If you make your own system, you can drill the holes so that
               -   the roots aren’t sprayed directly, but get secondary splash
               -   the roots get water on all four sides instead of just one
  • Fogger system
    •      o   Ideal for orchids
           o   This system creates a mist or fog inside the container.
           o   Because of the atomization of the water, impurities are removed
           o   The mist gets to the roots from every angle
  • Deep water culture system
    •      o   Bad for orchids
           o   This is actually an aeroponics system, not a hydroponics system
           o   The roots are submerged in water all the time, and orchids will get root rot

How to get started with hydroponics

  • You can go to a hydroponics store (or order online) and buy a system for $500 and up.
  • You can go spend about $50 at a hardware store and build your own
    •      o   This option is great not only because of the price and sense of accomplishment, but because you can customize the system to the needs of orchids.
  • In general, hydroponics will work indoors or outdoors
    •      o   If you live in a low humidity climate, and want to grow outdoors, you can use plastic to tent the area, and both the fogger and pump systems will create a humid environment in the tent.
  • When moving an orchid (especially a tall one) from a pot into a black net pot in a hydroponics system, you may want to use bamboo stakes to stabilize it while the roots take hold.

Considerations for different types of orchids


  • Some orchids like more water than others.
    •      o   For orchids that like moisture all the time, leave your pump or fogger on all the time.
           o   For orchids that like a little time to dry out, you can set a timer to turn off the pump or fogger for a couple of hours each day.
  • Examples of different orchids and their water requirements:
  •      o   Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Massdevalia, Miltoniopsis – like moisture all the time
         o   Brassia, Cymbidium – like even moisture, let it dry a bit during rest

           o   Cattleya – likes to dry out – just a little during active growth, more during rest
           o   Dendrobium – let dry out frequently
  • A handy way of guessing how much water your orchid likes, even if you don’t know what kind it is.
    •      o   Look at the size or the pseudobulb – this is the thick base of the stem – it can look kind of like a squash.
           o   If there is no pseudobulb, there is nowhere to store water, so the orchid will want constant moisture.
           o   The bigger the pseudobulb, the more the plant will appreciate some dry periods.


  • Some orchids like more light than others.
  • Examples of orchids that like high light – 14 hrs/day growth, 12 hrs/day flowering:
    •      o   Pleurothallis, Masdevallia, Dracula, Vanda, Brassavola
  • Orchids that like medium light – 13 hrs/day growth, 11 hrs/day flowering:
    •      o   Miltonia, Cattleya (corsage orchid)
  • Orchids that like low light – 12 hrs/day growth, 10 hrs/day flowering:
    •      o   Paphiopedilum (slipper orchid), Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

           o   Keep in mind that “low” light is still 12 hrs per day for growth, and 10

Hydroponic Orchid No-No’s

  • While orchids are really very rugged plants, there a few no-no’s in caring for them.
  • Do not use a deep water culture system.
    •      o   Your orchid’s roots will be sitting in water all the time and will get root rot.
           o   This will kill your orchid.
  • Do not use nitrogen based nutrients.
    •      o   This won’t kill the plant, but you will get weaker, shorter blooms.
  • Do not use dirty water to water your orchids or to fill your hydroponic system.
    •      o   Depending on what’s in the water, your orchid will not be happy or even die.
  • Do not ever move your orchid up more than one pot size at a time.
    •      o   Never go from a 2 inch to 4 inch pot, or 4 inch to 6 inch.
           o   They like to move up very slowly.
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Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Interview Tom Blount Transcripts http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-interview-tom-blount-transcripts/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-interview-tom-blount-transcripts/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 12:47:52 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=883 Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Interview Tom Blount Transcripts
PDF Document

Download PDF version of the interview

Download PDF version of the Tom Blount’s interview transcripts

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Hydroponic-Orchid-Blueprint-Audio http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-audio/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/orchid1/hydroponic-orchid-blueprint-audio/#comments Thu, 24 May 2012 10:10:22 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=878 Read more.. ]]> Thank you and congratulations!

You’re about to have a lot of fun growing beautiful orchids with a hydroponics system you build yourself…

If you have any trouble at all please use the ‘Support’ link at the top right for fast, friendly assistance…

The first thing you’ll want to do is listen to this audio – after that just work your way throught the 3 Modules doing what you learn and by the end you will have a complete system…

This video provides a complete overview of how to grow orchids hydroponically

You’ll meet Tom Blount, our hydroponics & orchids expert.

Thanks again – and above all ENJOY!

Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Audio

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Download Hydroponic Orchid Blueprint Audio

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Welcome to the New US Hydroponics website http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/blog/welcome-to-the-new-us-hydroponics-website/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/blog/welcome-to-the-new-us-hydroponics-website/#comments Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:59:11 +0000 palak http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/?p=535 Read more.. ]]> We’d like to welcome everyone to the new website for the US Hydroponics Association (USHA). We’re looking to provide the hydroponic community with a place to learn, develop, and become better growers. To support this we’ll be continuing to provide educational resources, interviews with experts, tips & tricks, and more to our hydroponic community.

Our Mission

The US Hydroponics Association’s mission is to educate the general public on the values of hydroponic growing, show them how easy it is to grow hydroponically, and provide support and resources to growers across the US. We hope to teach 100,000 people, equip 10,000 members, and feed 1,000,000 people by 12/31/2011.

Keep checking back with us as we continue to update our resources. To get updates become a free USHA member. Are you looking to learn hydroponics for the first time? Take a look at the Hydroponic Blueprint program created by USHA to kick start your hydroponic growing.

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Summary http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/module1/summary/ http://www.ushydroponicsassociation.com/videos/module1/summary/#comments Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:12:36 +0000 binuraj http://myhydroponicgrowing.com.s114391.gridserver.com/?p=56 Read more.. ]]> In this section, we provide a summary of the first sections and help you organize your thinking around hydroponics. Make sure to go through the Hydroponic Mindmap guide in the download section.

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  • How to organize your thoughts
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