Meet the Hydroponics Expert: Tom Blount

Tom Blount is a highly experienced hydroponic grower with over 30 years of experience. The US Hydroponics Association worked with Tom to leverage his experience and create the ultimate getting started guide for hydroponic growers, the Hydroponic Blueprint.

Tom’s Bio & Background

Tom Blount
Expert Hydroponic Grower

Expert grower Tom Blount is is our main expert on the Hydroponic Blueprint Project. Tom discovered at an early age that producing your own food is very important and spent 30 years as a gourmet chef, running a few successful restaurants using hydroponics to grow his greens. He later learned how to make money in hydroponics with his own indoor gardening business and sold those restaurants to pursue growing full-time.

Tom is one of the leading hydroponic consultants in the industry and is now ready to share his years of research, experience and knowledge to a select few to create their own successful hydroponic lifestyle.

Tom’s philosophy on growing is simple:

“Achieve the greatest volume and highest quality of produce possible, while reducing operating costs, and maximizing your profitability by growing smart.”

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